Scientific research in general

The Faculty’s strategic orientation towards the development of scientific activity stems from Strategy of the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law 2012 – 2017, as well from its Scientific Research Strategy to 2018. In this strategic documents, the development of legal science and legal profession, with an emphasis on excellence and international visibility, is defined as one of three key components of the Faculty’s mid-term and long-term visions.

The strategic goal of the Faculty’s scientific activity is increasing the volume and quality of research activities, and connecting the educational and research components of the Faculty’s activities in line with the needs for development in the legal science, the legal profession, the economy and the community. Specific goals defined within the strategic documents are, among other, increasing the number of research and development projects; institutionalising the cooperation with other research and professional entities in the field of law and other fields in social sciences and humanities; improving research quality; increasing the number of defended doctoral dissertations; developing multidisciplinarity; institutional care for career development of researchers, lecturers, and assistants by taking account of human resources and academic advancement; organisational and financial support to research activities; organising national and international conferences, symposia, forums, and so on.

In this regard the Faculty takes part in numerous international and national scientific research projects and performs scientific research at the doctoral study programme. Furthermore, the Faculty and its staff members are involved in a number of professional projects and other forms of professional activities. The vivid scientific and professional activity is also visible through the Faculty staff’s organisation and participation in numerous scientific and/or professional conferences.

Scientific Research Strategy 2016 - 2020