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Reasons for launching the Study

The study programme is established to provide lawyers (mag. iur and dipl. iur), economists (mag. oec and dipl.oec) and other candidates holding a university degree with systematic and thorough knowledge in commercial, company and financial law, as well as in related disciplines that is indispensible for effective financial management and company governance.

Law Faculty of the University of Rijeka has noted a lack of study programmes which would be adjusted to specific needs of experts whose professional duties are related to companies, as no interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary programmes for these target groups have been established to date. For that reason, professors of economy and psychology are nominated as study programme coordinators. Experts in law and economics from financial, regulatory and supervisory institutions will participate in this study programme to provide for both theoretical and practical skills.

In view of the fact that lawyers’s needs differ depending on whether they are employed in corporations (inhouse lawyers) or if they practice company law as consultants, judges, lawyers, notaries or public prosecutors, this programme provides two different modules in the second semester.

In the first module the accent is put on forming the financial discipline inside the company. Demands for achieving transparency in conducting corporate business are constantly being increased. Thus, special attention is given to the responsibility and transparency of conducting business in companies. Through the training provided in the second module, applicants will gain knowledge about legal institutions which facilitate companies and their legal representatives, especially in the context of cross-border business conducts, to operate regularly in the market as well as to demand fulfillment of their claims towards third persons through judicial mechanism. The latter is of particular interest for lawyers who represent companies’ interests before the court.