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Structure of the Study

The study programme is designed as a two-semester study. There are no conditions for enrollment in the second semester. Schedule of classes is adjusted to employed students and each course will be conducted during one or two weekends. In the second semester students must write their final thesis.Students must successfully pass both compulsory and elective courses of this study programme. Additionally, they must write at least one research seminar. Maximum 50 ECTS credits can be acquired by passing all the exams, by writing one requested paper and a case-study. This study programme is completed when the student writes and defends his final thesis, for which he can acquire additional 10 ECTS credits (60 ECTS credits in total).

Students sign in four compulsory courses (20 ECTS credits in total) in each semester. In the first semester, students are obliged to sign in two elective courses (6 ECTS credits in total) and to write one research paper (1 ECTS credits in total). Instead of one elective course in the first semester, student can choose to write additional research paper (1 ECTS credits in total) or to make a case-study (2 ECTS credits in total). By combining lectures and research contents in the first semester, students should acquire 27 ECTS credits in total.
In the second semester, students opt for one of the offered modules. Besides four compulsory courses, students also sign in one elective course. Students can choose among elective courses provided for different modules.

Lectures in elective courses are performed under the condition that at least five students took the respective course. Otherwise, in accordance with course coordinators, lectures may be replaced by consultations and mentor work with students.

Students are requested to regularly attend classes, actively participate and study from teaching materials, especially by solving tasks on their own initiative, using available data on the internet and other media etc.
After the lectures, students take written and oral exams/written exams.