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Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate University Study of Law

The Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate University Study of Law aims at educating lawyers for careers in judiciary, public administration or economic sector. The study programme integrating bachelor and master levels meets the requirements of the modern legal profession by enabling both theoretical and practical programme orientation. It is also in line with the dominant model of the Central European countries, that is, with the educational university programmes in countries with similar legal culture and educational system, such as Italy, Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

While this study programme starts with compulsory core courses in accordance with the programmes offered by other faculties of law in Croatia, it gradually enriches student curriculum by introducing a wide variety of elective courses. Besides facilitating national and international mobility of students and lecturers, choice among many elective courses allows students to create a more personalised curriculum tailored to their desired carreer path. Classroom experience is a combination of lectures, seminars and research seminars, and exercises, where they get involved in individual or team work, oral or written presentations and discussions. But crucial for developing their essential legal skills, such as identifying issues, legal analysis and document drafting, is practical law training in  courtroom, attorney's office, notary's office, legal department in a company or public body, which every stuent has access to by choosing one of our four legal clinics.

Upon completion of this study programme, students are awarded the title Master of Laws (Mag. iur.). The enrolment quota for the programme is 198 full-time students, citizens of the European Union, two full-time foreign students, and 40 part-time students, per year. Students graduating from the programme are prepared to continue their education at postgraduate level at any specialist study programme or doctoral study programme at the Faculty or elsewhere.