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Virtual Student Visit to the EU Court

On January 15, 2024, the Faculty of Law in Rijeka and its Institute for European and Comparative Law organized a virtual visit to the Court of Justice of the EU for students of the Faculty of Law in Rijeka. During the visit, meetings were held with Croatian members: Prof. Dr. Tamara Ćapeta, an advocate general of the Court of Justice, and our Prof. Dr. Vesna Tomljenović, a judge of the General Court of the European Union.

Through individual presentations by the speakers, students gained a clearer picture of the function, structure, and work of the Court. For anyone aspiring to work there one day, the need to be proficient in the French language was particularly emphasized.

To make this visit comprehensive, students had the opportunity to participate in a virtual tour of the buildings and premises of the Court of Justice of the EU. Although virtual, the tour provided students with insight into the Court as a place where special importance is given not only to functionality but also to art as part of European culture.

We express our gratitude to the speakers for the valuable and interesting information and to the other employees of the European Court of Justice for organizing this visit and their pleasant cooperation.