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Scientific research and professional contribution

Scientific and professional activities form a vital part of the Faculty’s mission as confirmed by the Scientific Research Strategy 2016-2020. Our recognisability is founded upon a continuous development of the culture of excellence, academic freedom and integrity, teamwork, personal growth and sustainability. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed an intensified institutional cooperation with other research institutions and stakeholders, a proliferation of research and development projects, and an increase in demonstrable research impact of our academic output. Our goal is to build capacity to inspire and lead research internationalisation and multidisciplinarity, in particular where law meets contemporary technology and economic challenges. We take great efforts to attract talented young researchers, on institutional care for career development of faculty members; fostering international mobility, integrating students in our research teams and projects. Improving infrastructure and adjusting curricula and research topics to better meet the needs not only of the legal science and profession, but also of economy and social community, are likewise paramount to our endeavour to grow into the leading academic in the region. 
The Faculty takes pride in the fact that the members of its academic staff participate in cutting-edge international and national scientific research projects, as well as in a number of professional projects. The results of their research conducted within or independently from those projects, are disseminated through international and domestic conferences, which our faculty members organise or take part in. A strong commitment to contribute to the community is reflected not only in the innovative research and student-oriented education we value, but also in the fact that our faculty members engage in various activities ranging from NGOs and local public bodies to national and EU institutions. 
The Faculty leds or participates s a partner in many international and domestic projects, while research takes place also within one of the several Faculty institutes and the Doctoral Study Programme. Dynamic research environment is enriched by regular scientific and professional conferences organised by the Faculty and its members. 

The Faculty members contribute to the community also by being included in various professional projects and other forms of professinal activities. We are very proud of our two life-long learning professional courses in comparative law offered at our Faculty: Introduction into studying Italian law/Introduzione allo studio del diritto italiano and Introduction into German law/Einführung in das deutsche Recht.