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Lifelong Learning

The Faculty of Law in Rijeka, according to its strategic mission and vision and according to the University of Rijeka Strategy aims, gives a special attention to the development of lifelong learning programmes.

The Faculty has nominated a specific Committee for lifelong learning programmes which members are:

Assoc. prof. Vlatka Butorac Malnar, Ph.D., president
Assoc. Prof. Dalida Rittossa
Assist. Prof. Vanja Smokvina
Assist. Prof. Dana Dobrić Jambrović

Currently at the Faculty of Law there are four Lifelong learning programmes which have been accredited by the University of Rijeka:

Furthermore, the Faculty as a UEFA partner, together with Kadir Has University, who has accredited the programme and the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice, performs the lifelong learning programme of sports law in football called UEFA Football Law Programme.