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Library Online Catalogue  

The visibility of the library collection has greatly increased by connecting the Library’s online catalogue to the Rijeka University Union Catalog. In this way, the Library’s collection is more visible and more accessible to a larger number of users.


Due to the continuous and rapid development of information and communication technology and the demands of its users, librarians pay a lot of attention to acquiring electronic sources of information. Users have access to a large number of databases, such as: Web of Science, Scopus, HeinOnline, Cambridge, Oxford Univeristy Press, EMERALD, JSTOR, Hrčak (Croatian Portal of Scientific Journals), Hrvatska znanstvena bibliografija (Croatian Scientific Bibliography) – Crosbi, etc.

Repository University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law  

Digital repository gathers, permanently stores and allows open access to digital versions of scientific research, intellectual and creative property of an institution, its employees and students. The repository stores students’ M.A. and B.A. theses, dissertations, pre-print papers, scientific and professional papers, research data, books, teaching materials, images, video and audio files, presentations and digitized material.

Discovery Service, University of Rijeka

The University has enabled the search of all library catalogues of University constituents and available databases through a unique common interface, the so-called Discovery Service (EDS), which enables users to search from one place the Common Catalogue and all connected online catalogues of every library within the University, to search databases that the University subscribes to, to search the Croatian Portal of Scientific Journals, and other online, free-access scientific sources, all from one place.

European Documentation Centre

In 2014, the Library became the European Documentation Centre (EDC) and a part of the Europe Direct information network for EU member states. European Documentation Centres are established at academic institutions or research institutes in EU member states at the request of the host institution, with the aim of providing support to the study and education in the field of EU policies and law. The availability of scientific and professional texts in the field of the European Documentation Centre will enable professional and academic community, and the wider audience, free access to information and sources related to the European Union and its policies.