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Postgraduate Specialist Study in Law of European Integrations

The  aim of the  Postgraduate Specialist Study in Law of European Integrations is to provide additional education to Masters of Law and to persons who have completed university studies in the fields of economic or political sciences, and  use the EU law and the law of other European integrations in their everyday work.

Previous experiences have shown that employees in state administration, local and regional self-government, judicial authorities, public services, and businesses lack specific knowledge related to European law. The practice of newly-admitted member states of the European Union indicates a specific problem in the implementation of EU legal rules in member states. Proper implementation is possible only under the assumption of an institutional framework for the implementation of solutions taken over from the EU; to build an efficient institutional  structure it is necessary not only to build a system of institutions, but to raise the level of qualifications and knowledge of all those involved in the process. This Study is specific because it has a module in public law and a module in private law so that the future specialists in the law of European integrations  can opt to expand their knowledge in the two fields.

Upon completion of the Postgraduate Specialist Study in Law of European Integrations, the students are awarded the academic title of University Specialist in  Law of European Integrations  (Univ. spec. iur.). Seeing that persons who have completed other studies in the field of Social Sciences can also enrol into this Study, and given the shortage of professionals who deal with European law in practice, the enrolment quota for this study programme is 40 students. Since the programme is primarily intended for employed persons, it is carried out as a part-time study.