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Postgraduate specialist study programme in Corporate Finance Law

Postgraduate specialist study programme in Corporate Finance Lawis established to provide a thorough knowledge in commercial, company and financial law, as well as in related disciplines that is indispensable for effective financial management and company governance. Such a postgraduate specialist university programme is new in the Republic of Croatia although comparable studies exist abroad.
This study programme is connected horizontally with all study programmes within the Bologna system and since it represents a multidisciplionary study, university degree lawyers, economists, engineers of technical professions, as well as applicants who obtained a university degree from other faculties, provided they achieved at least 300 ECTS credits may enrol. Connectivity of this study programme relates to applicants who graduated in former four-year university studies, where they also achieved vocations of university degree lawyers (dipl. iur.), economists (dipl. oec.) and other. Those applicants who wish to continue their education and scientific research can enroll in doctoral study.

Classes are organized in two semesters. Students enroll in four compulsory courses in each semester. In the first semester, students are obliged to enroll in two elective courses and to write one research paper. Instead of one elective course in the first semester, student can choose to write additional research paper or to make a case study. In the second semester, students opt for one of the offered modules. In the first module the accent is put on forming the financial discipline inside the company. In the second module, applicants will gain knowledge about legal institutions, which facilitate companies and their legal representatives, especially in the context of cross-border business conducts, to operate regularly in the market as well as to demand fulfillment of their claims towards third persons through judicial mechanism. Students can choose among elective courses provided for different modules.The programme also offers complementary knowledge of economics disciplines which horizontally apply to all sectors of economy.
Besides passing exams from compulsory and elective courses, students must write and defend the final thesis.


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  • Curriculum for the academic year 2015./2016.

Timetable of classes

  • Timetable od classes

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Exam dates

  • Exam dates

Guidelines and forms for writing and applying seminar papers and final papers

  • Guidelines and forms for writing and applying seminar papers and final papers


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