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Chairs are the teaching organisational units at the Faculty, which include related courses.
A chair gathers teachers and assistants who take part in teaching the courses within the chair. The duties of each chair are: organising teaching, research and professional activities for all chair courses; preparing drafts of course curricula; improving teaching at the Faculty; providing textbooks, handbooks, and other teaching materials and aids; taking account of lecturers, assistants, and researchers and their professional and scientific training; taking account of student achievement.


Chair of the History of Law and State

Chair of Roman Law 

Chair of Theory of Law and State, Philosophy of Law, Human Rights and Public Policy 

Chair of Sociology 

Chair of Economic Sciences

Chair of Criminal Law 

Chair of Criminal Procedure Law

Chair of Constitutional Law

Chair of Family Law

Chair of Civil Law

Chair of Civil Procedure Law 

Chair of International Law

Chair of Administrative Science

Chair of Administrative Law

Chair of Financial Law

Chair of Maritime and Transportation Law 

Chair of International and European Private Law

Chair of Commercial Law and Corporate Law

Chair of Labour and Social Law

Chair of European Public Law

Chair of Foreign Languages